As my seven-year-old grandson was flitting from one thing to another recently, he told me that he is made of starlight.  Undeterred by my stunned reply of, “That’s nice”, he went on to explain with monkey hoots how we have all really descended from apes. Though I was pleased to know that he’s learning the true origin of the species, part of me was still caught in the stars and wasn’t ready to come down to earth.

Later I was struck by the fact that he may instinctively know that his spirit is engaged in its own evolution and has its origins in the heavens. Though I don’t remember naming its genesis at that age, I was conscious very early on of such an interior force and have lately become increasingly aware of its continued growth.

It is this spirit that is not content to rest on laurels or former ways of doing things or to succumb to difficulties and manageable handicaps as we age. It keeps an eye on ever expanding horizons, unwilling to be harnessed by the slower tempo that begins to dictate the timing of our lives. For now, something still burns in me, be it called spirit or chi or psychic energy.  I see this happening in other older individuals who refuse to succumb to the barriers that life puts in their paths.  From now on, as my spirit continues to call on me to put myself out there and to take risks, I will choose to call it starlight.


Lava I   30” x 22”  pastel on toned paper

11 thoughts on “Starlight

  1. Pat – the timing of your post has given me hope. I just returned from an intensive art week, and am in shock watching the news of these terrible shootings within 24 hours of each other. My soul grieves for our country, as it finds itself in this state of affairs. Your Starlight posting is wonderful – how connected your grandson is to his ancestral spirit – he sounds like a very special young man. This pastel piece is absolutely incredible. Thanks for your post – it gives me hope.

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  2. Oh Pat, stardust is such a lovely image. I think maybe your grandson is an old soul.
    Stardust brings to mind Joni Mitchell singing “We are stardust, we are golden” back in a time that now seems very distant. It makes perfect sense that as we get nearer the end, the light within us, the one “caught in the stars,” burns stronger and brighter. I think I’ll choose to call it starlight, too.
    Your lava pastel is extraordinary – it seems to move and change the longer I look at it.

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  3. Hi Pat. Wonderful post. The painting is literally out of this world. I definitely see a portal in there – maybe many portals. Wishing you a healthy New Year filled with curiosity.


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