On Trial

Trials are part of life, but sometimes they’re extended and severe and we have to teach ourselves how to survive within them. In the present turmoil of our world, when so many are being driven from their homes and we cannot understand or condone the senseless and mean-spirited actions of those in power, there seems little to make us hopeful. Yet now more than ever people of any age need to make an effort to hang onto whatever  joy and peace they can through their individual or joint creative efforts.

Entering that state of flow that comes when we are entrenched in our writing, painting, or music-making can help us remain calm, reasoned, and even hopeful. Practicing a group skill such as tai ji or singing with an ensemble joins hearts and lifts us above the disturbing political fray and back to a reality that we can understand. This is not a time to disassociate ourselves from events in the news, for we need to be informed and take action where we can. However, it’s imperative that we also refuel our souls however possible in order to keep ourselves strong for those among us who are most vulnerable and afraid.

Within each of us is a well of strength. Find yours and renew it with whatever creative process and/or meditative practice that best brings you in touch with your true self. Look for joy in the beautiful things of this world and do not be afraid to bask in them and be grateful. At such times you are not abandoning your post; you are building your arsenal.


Dawn at High Tide     pastel on paper   9 1/2” x 12 1/2″

7 thoughts on “On Trial

  1. Pat, I love to receive your posts. Thank you for this. May I put it on FB? It is increasingly difficult to be positive, I am finding it almost impossible not to respond to thing in anger. Your words are very helpful. Mary >

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