Many years ago I wrote a book called “I Am An Artist”. It was meant to describe the process of making art in a way that even very young children could understand. It was my hope that they would also come to see that the process itself is more important in many ways than the product. When I found that this message resonated with adults as well, I was surprised at first and then grateful. For some artists, it was as though I had finally said what they had been thinking all along. For those who had never considered themselves to be artists, it helped them to recognize the flow of creativity in their own lives.

I now find myself in the later years of life when my own creative process has often been interrupted, held hostage, and otherwise hijacked by the changes and challenges that come with aging. This blog is for those of us who have had to downsize, heal, become a caretaker, accommodate a malady, or endure long periods when it was impossible to work for one reason or another.

My plan is to interview accomplished aging artists in many fields in an effort to learn how each one has adjusted to these vagaries of life and kept his or her process alive. I will also include short relevant blogs of my own, and advice on issues that may present themselves such as archiving and/or donating work. If you are someone who feels they can profit from the information I hope to include, you are invited to take this journey. I look forward to reading your comments and learning from your own experiences.

Pat Lowery Collins